ECE 1503: Capstone Design

Oral design proposal

Plan to spend 15 minutes giving your presentation. Ten minutes will be spent describing your project, and up to 5 minutes will be spent responding to questions and comments. The presentation itself should include slides created using PowerPoint, or the equivalent. A computer will be available for your use in the presentation room, or you can bring your own laptop. A 10-minute presentation should have approximately 10 slides, not including the title slide.

The presentation itself should answer the following questions about your project: What is the problem you are solving? How are you going to solve it? Who else solves this problem or related problems? How does your design differ from existing designs? What are the key features/components of your design. How will you solve the technical problems in your design? How much will the prototype and final design cost? How will you get the design and protype finished in time?