Captain's Log

So, we've chewed the betel nut and eaten the "stinky tofu;" we've spent our last night in Taipei, after 90 hours in the classroom and 5 weeks of life in Taiwan, along with trips on the MRT, hiking and biking, and cafes, night markets, shops and more. We've taken several thousands of pictures and sent hundreds of messages. Each person has developed a way of making a home in Taipei, and we've made some long-lasting friendships and memories of this vibrant city. Students have worked together on projects in biomedical optics and in Taiwanese culture, and gone well beyond their formal classroom learning. Finally, late Friday night, we returned to 60-degree-F weather and family and friends in Boston. There will be a "reunion" set in the next few weeks, and there will be more adventures in the future.

Set 8: 21-22 August the last day.

Set 7: 16-20 August the last week is a time for looking back on sights that have become familiar.

Set 6: 11-15 August Monastary and more.

Set 5: 8-9 August at Keelung Ghost Festival Friday and our bus ride on Saturday.

Set 4: 2-7 August making our home in Taipei, visit with Chen Cheng-Hsiung and Firey Youth, Taipei 101 and more.

Set 3: 30 July - 1 August pottery and more.

Set 2: 23-29 July settling in and seeing a typhoon come through.

Set 1: 19-22 July arrival and getting acquainted.

April has put her photos of the Yingge trip on Dropbox. See

Our group at the end of a class day:
Ethan, Stephanie, Adam, Arnold, Prof. Chuck DiMarzio (Engineering Class), Sam, Nick, Tristan.
Prof. David Blundell (Cultures of Taiwan Class), Paul, Jimmy, Emily, Leane.