Captain's Log

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Stardate Sabado 13 Mayo 2017

First observation after 2 years away; Things haven't changed much. One thing that is different is that we've had some rain, and the sky is very clear. Also, there is a lot of snow on the mountains and it's a week earlier than we arrived last time.
Los Andes from near Manquehue IMG_3819.jpg

Domingo 14 Mayo 2017

Feliz Dia Mama. It's Mothers' Day here too on the same day as home. With a bit of rain, we started our tour today with lunch.
The gang at lunch in Bella Vista. IMG_3806.jpg

The sun came out as we finished, so we had a chance to walk from the Bella Vista neighborhood to Plaza Armee.
"Mi mami es mas bonita." IMG_3815.jpg

Two years ago in June I walked up on the bridge over Avineda Manquehue at the Parque Auraco and got some pictures of the mountains. I tried again today, but was a few minutes too late to catch the sunset.
A little too late for the sunset. IMG_3828.jpg

Lunes 15 Mayo

Today was welcome day, with some introductions and a campus tour. Classes start for real tomorrow.
What a view. IMG_3829.jpg
There's a lot of snow up there. IMG_3830.jpg
Enjoying a warm fall day. IMG_3834.jpg
Luis Felipe. IMG_3835.jpg

Jueves 18 Mayo

It always amazes me that a group of people who didn't know each other last weekend can self-organize into teams in 3 days, but here we are.
The teams. IMG_3838.jpg
Looking down at Santiago from the steps of la Bibliotec at a very strange sky. It's raining on campus and clear in the city. IMG_3842.jpg

Viernes 19 Mayo

This is one of those "memory moments" that will last. The weather hasn't been great but we got our reward this morning. I was just walking to the laundry and when I got up onto Avd. Manquehue, this sight greeted me.
The rain has really cleared the air. IMG_3843.jpg

Today's activity was a visit to Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile, and Prof. Irarrazaval's group at the Institute for Biological and Medical Imaging.
Universidad Catolica in San Juaquin. IMG_3851.jpg

The building is designed to handle earth tremors.
Below the building. IMG_3847.jpg
A cork tree; it feels like cork. IMG_3848.jpg
The city from the Innovation Center. IMG_3849.jpg
After the tour. IMG_3850.jpg
There are a lot of deciduous trees here so it really looks like fall. As soon as the sun went down it felt like it too.

Sabado 20 Mayo 2017

Happy birthday to my son, Brian

My "office." IMG_3852.jpg

Museum of Precolombian Art
Courtyard. IMG_3853.jpg
Through the roof. This building caught my attention. IMG_3854.jpg

The museum covers precolumbian art from all over Latin America.
Animals and people are common subjects. IMG_3855.jpg

On weekends, people spend a lot of time outdoors in festive places such as Plaza de Armas. Street life includes performance, shopping, food, and more.
Plaza de Armas. IMG_3860.jpg
Plaza de Armas. IMG_3861.jpg

Domingo 21 Mayo

Walking around after breakfast...
The sky is still pretty clear, but becoming cloudy and a lot of the snow has melted. IMG_3864.jpg
I discovered Thailand Plaza in Parque Auraco near the western end. IMG_3867.jpg
Plaza Tjilandja. IMG_3868.jpg
Futbol? What is that strange object on the ground behind the guy in green? IMG_3869crop.jpg
Back on the bridge over Av. Manquehue. IMG_3872.jpg

Lunes 22 Mayo

On a clear day you can see forever. IMG_3873.jpg

This afternoon was a tour of downtown Santiago, the old congress building (the congress decamped to Valparaiso), and the presidential palace, La Moneda.
Paris and Londres. IMG_3876.jpg
Las senadoras. IMG_3879.jpg
View from La Moneda (actually from the back door). IMG_3880.jpg

Viernes 26 Mayo

Today's trip was Sewell Mining Town. I had done this with the group 2 years ago and thought it was well worth the trip. This year we were surprised with a good amount of snow. Compare the previous trip, (20 June 2015). I tried to get some pictures from the same place for comparison.
Map of the trip. sewell.jpg
The town is just over 7000 feet in elevation. sewell-ele.jpg
The Carretera de Cobre in the snow. IMG_3896.jpg
Bundle up. It's cold up there. IMG_3905.jpg
Looking down from the Town. IMG_3906.jpg
Sightseeing. IMG_3918.jpg
There's a lake down there somewhere. IMG_3919.jpg
Snowball fight! IMG_3920.jpg
The City of Stairs; the main staircase is The Alameda. IMG_3922.jpg
Miners. IMG_3924.jpg
In memory of the fire. IMG_3929.jpg
Inset from the work above. IMG_3930.jpg
Palintroque. IMG_3932.jpg
Outside the museum. IMG_3943.jpg
More. IMG_3944.jpg
Walking around. IMG_3951.jpg
Mine entrances. IMG_3957.jpg
Sunset in Rancagua, outside Fuente Millan. IMG_3986.jpg

Domingo 28 Mayo

Dia del Patrimonio. Touring the Club Union.
A nice place to sit and talk. IMG_3999.jpg
A small dining room. IMG_4000.jpg
Universidad de Chile; a rare view from the Club Union across the street. IMG_4002.jpg

Lunes 29 Mayo

Touring Cerro San Cristobol.
The dog has found a best friend. IMG_4003.jpg
Top of the hill. IMG_4005.jpg
The way of the cross. IMG_4009.jpg
Mote con Huisillo is really a summer drink, but it's good anytime. IMG_4010.jpg

Jueves 1 Junio

Chilean Lunch.
By the new administration building. IMG_4019.jpg
Lunch. IMG_4022.jpg

Viernes 2 Junio

Road trip! Valparaiso.

Here's the starting just before Valparaiso and continuing all the way back home.
Boat tour. IMG_4028.jpg
Boat tour. IMG_4029.jpg

Valparaiso is a working harbor with ships unloading and loading.
We got really close. IMG_4039.jpg
Hotel Brighton for Lunch. IMG_4050.jpg
Lunch al fresco with a view of the city. IMG_4048.jpg
Templeman Street. IMG_4052.jpg
Funicular; Ascensor El Peral. IMG_4056.jpg
Plaza Sotomeyer. IMG_4058.jpg

Sandboarding at sunset at Con Con.
Ready? IMG_4061.jpg
Sunset. IMG_4064.jpg
What goes down must come up. IMG_4068.jpg
Ali. IMG_4076.jpg
Savanah. IMG_4084.jpg

Viernes 9 Junio

At Cerro Santa Lucia.
The Maoi IMG_4087.jpg
The Can(n)ons. IMG_4090.jpg
The Gate. IMG_4096.jpg

Lunes 12 Junio

One of the clearest days, viewed from the library steps. IMG_4098.jpg

Visiting the markets in the afternoon; the Central (fish) Market, Vega Market, and the Mapucho Station.
Inside the Mapucho Station. IMG_4135.jpg

Jueves 15 Junio

Today was the last class, with student presentations and awards. Five weeks have flown by. Each group presented the results of a computational simulation of an imaging system.
This has been a good year for clear weather. This may be the best view yet in 2 years. You can see the Costanera Center and Cerro San Cristobal. IMG_4142.jpg
First volunteers; Patrick, Jose M. G., Canon, Julian. IMG_4143.jpg
Rebecca, Amanda Jose R., Cristobal. IMG_4144.jpg
Kristen, Stephanie, Gonzalo. IMG_4145.jpg
Esteban, Leah, Maria Pia. IMG_4146.jpg
Savanah, Shay, Alberto. IMG_4147.jpg
Break between classes. IMG_4148.jpg
Felipe. IMG_4149.jpg

"Home" to Manquehue and a nice sunset at the end of the day.
* IMG_4153.jpg

We ended the day with dinner al fresco at Tiramisou on Isadora Goyenchea near el Golf; great pizza and calzones.
A little something for the guy that did his culture talk on healthy eating. IMG_4154.jpg

Tomorrow was supposed to be a ski trip for the students to el Colorado, but the weather looks bad and it was recommended to cancel. It will be a good day for indoor activities, like shopping, museums, and of course packing.

Sunday 18 June

We all said our goodbyes on Saturday and headed to home or to our next summer activity. Felipe sent a copy of his video of the program. Thanks Felipe, for alll you did, and for sharing this with us.