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From Shenzhen to Boston

October 5, 2017

From Shenzhen to Boston

When Qianqian Liu came to Northeastern University in August 2016 she did not know anyone. Coming all the way from Shenzhen, China, Boston was a brand new city where she would have to figure out ways to meet people.

So she joined the student ambassador program, where students reach out to other students and applicants from their home country in order to connect them with each other and help them adjust to their new home. 

“I love to make friends and communicate, and I like to work with groups of people and not just by myself,” she explained.

She had met many new friends through the program, which has helped her feel more at home, and in turn has motivated her to do the same for incoming students.

Liu also spoke of the ambassador program and the Office of Global Services helping incoming students with course registration, providing information on professors and planning events activities as well.

“In September they will set up a bus to send groups of students to IKEA, and during Christmas they will send you the Wrentham Outlets,” she said.

Liu has also enjoyed her coursework in the Electrical and Computer Engineering program as she has found her professors to be very friendly. She was also able to take a course helping her with another set of skills that was offered to her by the Global Student Success office: Listening and speaking classes.

“It was a business and leadership course meant to help you with your pronunciation and to improve your English skills, which I think is a good resource,” she said.

She was very impressed by the university providing her the opportunity to improve her pronunciation, listening comprehension, and speaking skills for university-level classroom success.  

The city of Boston has made an equally great impression on Liu as well

“Boston is a center for education and culture. There are a lot of museums. Its rich history attracted me. We’re also near Harvard and MIT so there is a nice education atmosphere and more of a chance to be in touch with the advanced new technology,” she said. ”The city is very friendly to international students as well.”

The diverse environment is not the only trait she has enjoyed about the city.

“In my hometown it is always very hot, so I wanted to experience a different environment and. The weather in Boston is absolutely different, much colder and has snow,” she explained.

Liu is expected to graduate in the spring of 2018.


October 5, 2017 10:45 am